5 Important Attributes That Make A Great Tutor – Your Student's Success Depends On It

Tutoring services are are used more today than ever before. Parents are employing the services of tutors to help boost their child’s academic grades.

As a tutor and Certified Teacher, I have itemized a few personal characteristics that I believe are very important when choosing the right tutor for your child.

1. Caring, Easy Going and Encouraging

It’s absolutely essential for tutors to present themselves and to communicate in a warm, friendly demeanor with their young student. Many times, kids are able to detect the demeanour or attitude of adults especially when that attitude is targeted toward them. Children can establish if an adult is there for them or there for an alternative reason.

Great tutors should also come across in a friendly warm way. Doing so will put the boy or girl at ease and produce a more relaxed and favourable learning condition.

2. Mastery and Experience in Subject

This may seem obvious, however, it’s crucial that the tutor is experienced and has knowledge in the subject area. Kids respect adults who are particularly talented or knowledgable in a certain area whether it be in sports, arts, or academics.

When a tutor doesn’t appear convincing, that tutor will lose the confidence of his pupils. However, it’s not absolutely necessary that the tutor be someone who knows everything there is to know about the subject, but someone who knows the subject very well and is totally confident to teach it. For example, I once had a computer teacher who was an expert and highly experienced in his field, yet he couldn’t teach if his life depended on it.

It’s sufficient knowledge of the subject area and practical experience in teaching the subject that is indispensable for tutoring young students.

3. Getting Ready

If a tutor isn’t ready for his or her lesson, will the student be prepared for learning? Your tutor has to be prepared for both the lesson and the student who is being tutored.

Organizing includes: perceiving what the student needs to learn, having the teaching materials ready, and also pre-planning that may include talking with the classroom teacher.

4. Eagerness

Young boys and girls are very responsive to picking up on vibes from both adults and other children. If the tutor is enjoying himself as he is teaching, the student will perceive this and enjoy the lesson as well. Additionally, a tutor can transfer a learning desire when he or she has already initiated strong teaching enthusiasm.

5. Composure

I wasn’t going to include this quality because it goes without saying. If the tutor loses tolerance, a young student can regard this a being his or her fault and not the fault of the tutor doing the tutoring. A child must feel relaxed and comfortable in his or her learning atmosphere which can only be achieved with a tutor who is tolerant.