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It is not quite often that one gets a job which is highly rewarding and also very convenient and flexible as the Online Tutor Jobs. Online Tutor Jobs offer a highly rewarding career option along with all the incentives and perks that are associated with the very noble profession of teaching. It is also very convenient as the tutors can teach the students from the comfort of their own homes. And can also decide on the schedule which is mutually convenient to both the students and the tutors. It is rather a dream job for many teachers across the world who are serious and passionate about teaching. Online Tutor Jobs are meant for all the practicing teachers, who at their spare time want to earn extra money by teaching, helping and assisting the students, it is also for all the subject matter experts and specialist who want to gain some invaluable experience of teaching students.

All the online tutors are desired to at least have a Bachelor’s Degree in the subjects they are to teach the students. They are also expected to have a desire and fire to help and assist any student understands the most complex topics with ease. All the online tutors should not only make the students learn new things but they should also help students unlearn the topics which have been wrongly taught to them elsewhere. Merely teaching or making the students understand the subject with better clarity are not the only responsibilities associated with the Online Tutor Jobs. Online tutors should make sure that the learning process is kept as a simple and an easy process. It is their duty to ensure that the learning process is not monotonous but interesting to the students so that they learn better. It is of great importance that the students understand each and every minute detail of the topic and the subject taught, so any tutor should strive hard to achieve that.

Another important responsibility associated with the Online Tutor Jobs is that of to help and assist students with all kinds of assignments that the school gives them. Helping the students with their homework, assisting them prepare projects for school and backing the students while preparing any other assignments, it is their duty to make sure that the students get their required help. The online tutors should also help students with the last minute brush up before their any exam at school.

Matrix Education Prepares Students For a High ATAR

More than 72, 000 NSW students are counting down for the big day when the Board of Studies will release the 2011 Higher School Certificate results. December 14 marks an important moment in these young lives because the HSC results will help determine their future tertiary education. Whether they have chosen to attend TAFE, undertake an apprenticeship or convert their HSC mark to ATAR for university, the HSC results are important to every student.

79% of Matrix Education’s Year 12 Students Achieve an ATAR of More than 90 in 2010

Students look forward to seeing their names in the Merits List, and for most students an ATAR of 90 or higher would be great. At Matrix Education, they will help HSC students prepare and practice for it to achieve results above expectations. Every year, more than 79% of their Year 12 students from different high schools obtain more than 90 in their ATAR. Their specialised and advanced coaching curriculum in English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology makes them NSW students’ best choice for a HSC tutoring school. They provide innovative teaching practices, state-of-the-art technology, skills mastery techniques, and other services, such as the ATAR calculator, accelerated curriculum, and supplementary resources.

Matrix Education Offers Math Acceleration Courses

If you’re one of the thousands of students who will be sitting for the HSC exam in the coming years and will be taking one of the Maths courses, then let Matrix Education assist you with their Year 9 and 10 Math Acceleration Courses.

For current Year 9 students who are accelerated in school, are highly ranked in their school’s Math group, or mastered most of the topics in Stage 4 Mathematics, Matrix Education’s Year 9 Math Acceleration Course provides them with a structured and rigorous course incorporating most of the core topics covered in the Stage 5.3 Course for Years 9 and 10 in five school terms. This will prepare them for Advanced Mathematics or Mathematics Extension 1 at the end of Year 11. At the end of this Acceleration Course, students are expected to learn and master the following concepts:??? Term 1 – Rational Numbers, Binomial Products, Algebraic Fractions, Indices and Surds??? Term 2 – Algebraic Factorisation, Linear Equations and Inequalities, Trigonometry??? Term 3 – Quadratic Equations, Coordinate Geometry, Geometry??? Term 4 – Simultaneous Equations, Trigonometry, Data Analysis

For current Year 10 students who are accelerated in school, are highly ranked in their school’s Math group, or are high performing students considering Maths Extension 1 or 2 in Year 11 and 12, Matrix Education’s Year 10 Acceleration Course provides students with a structured and rigorous course incorporating topics covered in the Stage 5.3 Course as well as topics from the Stage 6 Preliminary HSC Course. This will prepare Year 10 students who plan to sit for the Year 12 HSC Advanced Mathematics Course at the end of Year 11. At the end of this Acceleration Course, students are expected to learn and master the following concepts:??? Term 1 – Graphs, Curve Sketching, Functions and Logarithms??? Term 2 – Circle Geometry, Quadratic Polynomial??? Term 3 – Polynomials, Probability??? Term 4 – Roll over to Year 11 Mathematics Extension Course: Absolute Values, Inequalities, Trigonometric Ratios

These Math Acceleration Courses are intense programs, but they are suited for Year 9 and 10 students who find Math easy, want more challenges, and are going to choose to take HSC Mathematics courses.